What is Crossfit Precision Care?
  1. Data-driven, cutting edge, personalized plan, driven by your biometrics, biomarkers, genetics & lifestyle, to help you maximize your health, happiness & performance
  2. Doctors & health coaches who understand CrossFit, your goals & your lifestyle
  3. A deep dive and ongoing check ins with your health team to keep you educated, motivated & track progress
  4. Primary care coverage to manage both complex and everyday health needs
  5. The support of the CrossFit community on a whole new level
How does CrossFit Precision Care work?
Who is this for?
Why is CrossFit launching this?
Who is involved with this product?
Who will be providing my care?
Is this primary care?
Is this in person care?
Will this be covered by insurance?
Can I join CrossFit Precision Care if I already have access to primary care via insurance? 
Is CrossFit Precision Care intended to replace my health insurance? 
What's the added value of this service versus my existing primary care?
How does this work?

It’s simple - think of it as a centralized hub for your health, happiness and performance. Here’s a basic rundown of how it works:

  1. Select the level of care that’s right for your lifestyle and personalize your plan to your needs and budget. 
  2. We’ll collect inputs through an intake questionnaire, bloodwork, genetic biomarkers, wearable data and more. 
  3. You’ll receive fully personalized recommendations on diet, movement, recovery, sleep and more - all tailored to your biomarkers & goals.4) Meet with your health coach & doctor to track progress against your health plan and cover your ongoing health needs.
  4. Meet with your health coach & doctor to track progress against your health plan and cover your ongoing health needs.
Where will this be available?
Why are you only launching in eight states?
Why isn’t this available internationally?
Should I still join the waitlist if my state isn't on the list?
How much does Crossfit Precision Care cost?

We have plans from $99-299/month so you have the flexibility to meet your needs and your budget. You can see full details here.

What is included in my plan?

We have 3 different plan types involving different levels of care - you can learn more about our plans here. Every plan includes a fully comprehensive precision health analytics & recommendation plan, analysis of wearable device data, and visits with a Health Coach & doctor.

I signed up for the waitlist. When will I get access?
Can I join CrossFit Precision Care if I have preexisting conditions?
Can you work with my existing doctors?
What if I need speciality or in-person care?
I have people in my community who are involved in healthcare. How should people in my community get involved?
How do I get involved if I’m a doctor?
How do I get involved if I want to be a health coach?
How do I get involved if I’m an affiliate?
How can I get in touch if I have more questions?